Renato Dantas Rocha da Silva


Professor at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the RN – IFRN. Graduated in the Environmental Control Technology course by the IFRN. He has developed research projects in the area of ​​Geoprocessing, experience with tailings stack design, delimitation of environmental preservation areas and characterization of urban solid waste, as in the use of the georeferencing tool applied to the Environment. Master and PhD by the Laboratory of Mineral and Environmental Technology (LTM-PPGEM-Concept 7 by CAPES / MEC) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Researcher in the area of ​​techniques applied to water treatment, has experience in studies for the treatment / reuse of Acid Drainage from Mines (precipitation, flocculation, dissolved air flotation and lamellar sedimentation). He develops research for advances in the application of high-rate sedimentation (lamellar sedimentation) as a solid-liquid separation technique and flocculation of colloidal precipitates with dense micro grains. PhD completed by PPGE3M-UFRGS with studies of advanced aspects in chemical precipitation and adsorption of water anions and cations.

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