Concentration and Research Area


Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

The sustainability of all kind of natural resources emerges as a strategy for aligning the organizational objectives demanded socially and environmentally. Thus, the production of innovative and interdisciplinary applied research has become necessary to develop practices related to the uses of natural resources, which is fundamental for public, private and third sector organizations; generate applicable knowledge; and train trained professionals to maximize sustainable results, essential to the quality of life and a lasting well-being in a finite planet.


Sustainability and Management of Natural Resources 

It proposes the understanding of actions, strategies and procedures aimed at the organization and implementation of public policies – as well as initiatives for the development of a tool for the management of natural resources in the public, private and third sector – and the generation of basic and applicable knowledge in studies of indicators and practices of sustainability of natural resources. The projects in this line focus on studies on the sustainability of natural resources and on strategies for environmental management at local and regional levels.

Environmental Sanitation

The main objective of the research line is to contribute to the production of knowledge, technologies and techniques that promote the preservation and conservation of the environment, emphasizing: the control of water, air and soil pollution; water reuse, productive use and effluent control in water and effluent treatment plants; integrated management; the development of feasible methodologies for the treatment and reuse of solid wastes and biosolids; and the evaluation of indicators of environmental contamination.